Maintenance of Facilities



  1. The college has a large campus comprising of Academic, Hostel and Sports Complex.
  2. The academic campus has several buildings which are used for classrooms, laboratories, libraries along with administrative offices. Similarly, the college has a hostel within its campus which is maintained by a Hostel Committee with Principal as chairperson, one hostel superintendent and three members from the teachers.
  3. The Project Monitoring Unit (PMU) of the college monitor and supervise the construction of Infrastructure facilities and utilization of funds provided by RUSA to the college The Principal follows the Government procedures and takes necessary approval from the Governing Body and other Government Agencies for execution.
  4. The college has outsourced manpower from the third party for day-to-day cleaning of the college campus.
  5. The College Canteen is outsourced to the third party.
  6. The Principal forms various Committees, Clubs and Cells whenever and wherever required for maintaining physical and support facilities.
  7. All physical equipment of the college are registered in the Stock Register Book of the college and it is updated every year

Academic facilities:

  1. All major Academic and Administrative decision of the college must be approved by the Governing Body of the college.
  2. IQAC gives needful suggestions for overall improvement of the Academics of the College.
  3. For the smooth functioning of the Examination and Evaluation system, an Examination Committee is formed, headed by the Principal.
  4. The college has a library committee headed by the principal of the college and librarian, teachers and student representatives are members of the committee. The committee takes all decisions relating to librarian.
  5. Education is a tri-dimensional process that involves students, teachers, and parents. Every year parents meet is arranged in the campus and suggestions received from the parents are given due importance the college authority.  
  6. The Anti-Ragging Committee headed by the principal keeps close eyes on the senior students. The college has been declared as Anti- Ragging Zone since its inception.