MISSION of the College:-

The famous from Keno Upanishada “Bidyaya Bindattmritam” which is engraved in the emblem of the college denotes the mission of the college. Theb line signifies that education leads to enlightenment. The mission of the college is to impart to the Page 36/115 07-04-2022 02:45:27 Annual Quality Assurance Report of DAKSHIN KAMRUP GIRLS’ COLLEGE students the knowledge of the self and the knowledge that can prepare them to lead a happy and meaningful life through the process of teaching and learning. Being an institution of higher education for women the college aims at a sustainable development of the women community of Dakshin Kamrup area and to help them to contribute to the process of national progress.

VISION of the College:-

The college has the noble vision of occupying a prestigious position in the field of higher education of women to transform itself into the centre of excellence. It always remains an earnest endeavour on the part of the college to Empower the girls’ student economically, politically and socially. Help them to become responsible and worthy citizens. The college provides need based opportunities to the students to develop their potentialities in arts, sports, culture and literature through competition and participation in various events throughout the year.